Women Exclusive Program

Women want to try things !

But traveling in the company of males can some times prevent them from being what they truly are. Being a woman myself i perfectly understand this dilemma. So to break us free from all self proclaimed restrictions, Travel With Meera offers some great activities which are restricted to female clients only.

After all we are different. We laugh at different things, we talk about different things. Women only activities aims at bringing you down to your true persona. Break Free from all boundaries, laugh out loud, do what makes you happy.

I am sure many of you ladies would agree with me on this. Women-only travel group is nonthreatening, it’s more comfortable and emotionally supportive. There are a lot of women who are alone who might have traveled quite extensively with their partners in the past and being in a mixed group can be an unhappy experience. We also get plenty of first-time travelers. Women who don’t have someone to travel with, but like the idea of being in a physically and emotionally secure and supportive environment.

Activity Highlights

  • All woman activity.
  • Be Free – Simply be free
  • Special arrangement for ladies in everything we offer
  • Color themed per day activities
  • Make new friends, no more holding back.
  • Treat yourself like a princess that you are.
  • No holds barred.
  • Feel comfortable in warm supportive environment.
  • Make fun talk out loud.
  • Just enjoy yourself.
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